Previous Symposia

2016 Symposium – The Great Household, 1000-1500 (Convened by Chris Woolgar)

2015 Symposium – Saints and their Cults in the Middle Ages (Convened by Sue Powell)

2014 Symposium – The Plantagenet Empire, 1259-1453 (Convened by Mark Ormrod, David Green and Peter Crooks)

2013 Symposium – Language Networks in Medieval Britain (Convened by Mary Carruthers)

2012 Symposium - The Medieval Merchant (Convened by Anne F. Sutton & Caroline Barron)

2011 Symposium – The Yorkist Age (Convened by Hannes Kleineke & Christian Steer)

2010 Symposium – Patrons and Professionals (Convened by Paul Binski & Elizabeth New)

2009 Symposium – Ritual and Space (Convened by Frances Andrews)

2008 Symposium – Memory and Commemoration in Medieval England (Convened by Caroline Barron & Clive Burgess)

2007 Symposium – The Friars in Medieval Britain (Convened by Nicholas Rogers)

2006 Symposium – Signs and Symbols (Convened by John Cherry & Ann Payne)


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