Ritual and Space: Programme

Monday, 20th July 2009

2.45-3.15 Frances Andrews (St Andrews Institute for Mediaeval Studies): ‘Ritual and Space: the possibilities’

3.15-4.30 Rob Meens (Utrecht): ‘Violence and religion. The sacred space around the grave of St Martin of Tours and the practice of sanctuary in the early Middle Ages’
Sarah Hamilton (Exeter): ‘A liminibus: ritual excommunication 900-1200
4.30 Tea
Catherine Lawless (Limerick): ‘Saints, Gender, Space and the City’
Maurizio Campanelli (Rome, La Sapienza): ‘Describing Rituals in Rome between the 14th and 15th centuries: chroniclers and antiquarians’
6.45 Dinner
9.00 Bar

Tuesday, 21st July

7.00-8.30 Breakfast
9.00-10.15 Hannes Kleineke (History of Parliament): Civic ritual, space and conflict in 15th Century Exeter
Helen Carrel, York: ‘Pleas and petitions in the urban environment: the rituals of town-crown relations in post-Black Death England’
10.15 Coffee
Andrew Jotischky (Lancaster): ‘Holy Fire and Holy Sepulchre: Ritual and Space in Jerusalem, 9th-14th centuries’
Lucy-Ann Hunt (Manchester): ‘Art, place and pilgrimage in the Eastern Mediterranean between the 12th-14th centuries’
1.00 Lunch
Sible de Blauuw (Nijmegen), ‘The Church Atrium in Rome as a Ritual Space’
Jill Caskey (Toronto): ‘The Look of Liturgy: Identity and ars sacra in southern Italy’
Donal Cooper (Warwick): ‘Ritual Space and Liturgical Fabric in the Mendicant Churches of late medieval Italy’
4.00 Tea
Philip Morgan (Keele): ‘Inhabiting the Battlefield in the Middle Ages’
David Ditchburn (Trinity College, Dublin): ‘Court, Tournament, Banquet: the marriage of King James II of Scotland and Mary of Guelders in 1449′
6.30 Dinner
Croquet on the lawn (weather permitting)
9.00 Bar

Wednesday July 22

7.00-8.30 Breakfast
09.00–11.00 Jennifer Alexander (Warwick): ‘Symbols to Ward off the Evil Eye, or less dramatic readings of ciphers around windows’
Julian Luxford (St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies): ‘The Space of the Tomb in Carthusian Consciousness’
Philip Dixon (Council for British Archaeology, Royal Archaeological Institute): ‘Ritual and Reinventing the Romans in the early Middle Ages: the case of Lincoln in the 11th century’
11.30 Leave for Lincoln
12.15 Arrive at Lincoln. Lunch, Minster tour led by Philip Dixon, REED Paper by Jim Stokes: ‘Staging Wonders in Lincoln Cathedral’
4.30 REED Reception in the Chapter House, Lincoln Cathedral
7.00 Conference Reception
7.30 Conference Dinner (black tie optional)

Thursday 23rd July

7.00-8.30 Breakfast
9.00-10.15 John McKinnell (Durham): ‘For the People/By the People: Ritual in Private and Public Spaces in the Durham Sequence of the Sacrament’
Uri Smilansky (Exeter): A Labyrinth of Spaces: Conceptualising French Secular Polyphony in the Late Fourteenth Century
10.15 Coffee
Christoph Egger (Vienna): ‘Ceremonies in outer space. Do papal ceremonial treatises constitute space(es)?’
Nicholas Rogers (Cambridge): ‘The Location and Iconography of Confession in Late Medieval Europe’
12.00-12.45 Round table (all speakers)
1.00 Lunch and depart