The Friars in Medieval Britain

The 24th Harlaxton Symposium

‘The Friars in Medieval Britain’

23-26 July, 2007

Convened by Nicholas Rogers


Conference Programme


Friars in Medieval BritainReproduced by kind permission of the Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

The advent of the mendicant orders in the British Isles in the first half of the thirteenth century was one of the most significant developments in late medieval religious life.

The 2007 Symposium, organised by Nicholas Rogers, took as its theme the ‘Friars in Medieval Britain’. As usual at Harlaxton, the relaxed atmosphere and the multi-disciplinary nature of the Symposium provided an ideal occasion for scholars working on various aspects of the mendicants to exchange views.

Speakers included Frances Andrews, Anna A. Anisimova, Johan Bergstrom-Allen, Clive Burgess, William H. Campbell, James Carley, James Clark, Ilya Dines, Gill Draper, Juliana Dresvina, Joan Greatrex, Ralph Hanna, David King, Maura O’Carroll, Hubert Pragnell, Donald Prudlo, Nicholas Rogers, Jens Röhrkasten, Michael Robson, Wendy Scase, Christian Steer, Henry Summerson, Shaun Tyas, Linda Voigts, Bruce Watson, Barry Windeatt and Sarah Wood.

A visit was made to King’s Lynn, where groups of delegates viewed the Greyfriars and ecclesiastical, civic and domestic buildings from the rich architectural heritage of medieval Lynn, before adjourning for tea, served in St. Nicholas.

Most of the papers will be included in the Proceedings of the 2007 Symposium, to be published by Shaun Tyas, see Publications.