In Memory of Pamela Tudor-Craig


Pamela Tudor-Craig taken at the 2011 Harlaxton Medieval Symposium on ‘The Yorkist Age’. Photograph: Christian Steer.

Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood (1928-2017)

Professor Sue Powell, Chair of the Harlaxton Steering Committee writes:

It is with deep regret that the Steering Committee announces the death, after a long illness, of the founder and moving force of the Harlaxton Medieval Symposium, Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood. An accomplished and respected art historian, who had studied under Anthony Blunt at the Courtauld Institute and had a long working relationship with the Society of Antiquaries, Pamela inaugurated the Symposium as a result of her teaching of art history to students of the University of Evansville at their campus at Harlaxton Manor. The first Harlaxton Medieval Studies volume was published in 1985 (England in the Thirteenth Century, ed. W. M. Ormrod), and the latest, the twenty-seventh volume, appeared this year (Saints and Cults in Medieval England, ed. Susan Powell).

Pamela‚Äôs was an elegant and formidable presence at the Symposia, which she attended regularly until 2011, when ill health prevented further attendance. She sat in a front row for every paper and invariably asked a question, in the responses to which she drew on her considerable knowledge of art history and the art historical world. When she was unable to attend the Saints and Cults conference in 2015 (a conference which I organised but which Pamela had conceived), I was privileged to read her paper on St Francis, although entirely unable to deliver it with Pamela’s own brio and inimitable style. In all Pamela wrote ten articles for Harlaxton Medieval Studies. Her latest piece for the series was the Foreword to the published volume of Saints and Cults; I urge those who did not know her to read it and hear Pamela speak to them.

A further tribute will follow in the New Year.

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