The 2017 Harlaxton Medieval Symposium

Church and City in the Middle Ages:

In Honour of Clive Burgess

Monday 17th – Thursday 20th July, 2017

Convened by David Harry and Christian Steer

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The theme of the 2017 Symposium is ‘Church and City in the Middle Ages’ and will meet to celebrate and honour the scholarship of Clive Burgess. In a career spanning four decades, his work on the Church as community and institution has shaped the way in which we think of late medieval religious culture. Friends, colleagues and students will gather at Harlaxton Manor to explore the urban presence of the late medieval Church, examining the parish as a local and urban community; the relationship between lay devotion and urban regulars; clerical provision and the administration of urban parishes; distinctive patterns of worship in large towns and cities, including questions of literacy and the relationship between orthodox and heterodox devotion; as well as the material culture and music of urban spaces of worship.

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David Harry and Christian Steer

Symposium Secretaries