Memory and Commemoration in Medieval England

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Harlaxton Medieval Studies XX (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2008 Harlaxton Symposium, Memory and Commemoration in Medieval England, edited by Caroline M. Barron and Clive Burgess



Pamela Tudor-Craig, The Origins of the Harlaxton Symposium in 1983, 1-5

Nick Holder, Medieval Foundation Stones and Foundation Ceremonies, 6-23

Claire Gobbi Daunton, Contrasting Patrons and their Glass: the Church of St John the Baptist, Milcham, Norfolk, 24-39

Robert Kinsey, The Location of Commemoration in Late Medieval England: the Case of the Thorpes of Northamptonshire, 40-57
David Lepine, “Their Name Liveth for Evermore”? Obits at Exeter Cathedral in the Later Middle Ages, 58-74

David J. King, Henry Scrope’s Window at Heydour, 75-86

W.M. Ormrod, Queenship, Death and Agency: the Commemoration of Isabella of France and Philippa of Hainault, 87-103

Jennifer Ward, Who to Commemorate and Why? The Commemoration of the Nobility in Eastern England in the Fourteenth Century, 104-16

Christian Steer, Royal and Noble Commemoration in the Mendicant Houses of Medieval London, 117-42

Meriel Connor, Fifteenth-Century Monastic Obituaries: the Evidence of Christ Church Priory, Canterbury, 143-58

Richard Marks, “Entumbed right princely”: the Beauchamp Chapel at Warwick and the Politics of Internment, 159-80

Sophie Oosterwijk, Death, Memory and Commemoration: John Lydgate and “Macabrees daunce” at Old St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 181-97

Sally Badham, The Robertsons Remembered: the Generations of Calais Staplers at Algarkirk, Lincolnshire, 198-213

Mellie Naydenova-Slade, Late Medieval Holy Kinship Images and Family Commemoration: the Evidence from Thornhill, West Yorkshire and Latten, Essex, 214-29

Cindy Wood, The Cage Chantries of Christchurch Priory, 230-46

David Griffith, English Commemorative Inscriptions: Some Literary Dimensions, 247-66

Nicholas Orme, The Commemoration of Places in Medieval England, 267-87

Peregrine Horden, Origins of “All Souls” and its Significance for Henry Chichele, 288-305

Paul Binski, Developments in the Study of Medieval Art since 1983, 306-17

Derek Pearsall, Developments in the Study of Middle English Literature since 1983, 318-27

Joel T. Rosenthal, Developments in the Study of Medieval History since 1983, 328-48

Index. 349-86