The Urban Church in Late Medieval England

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXIX (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2017 Harlaxton Symposium: The Urban Church in Late Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Clive Burgess, edited by David Harry and Christian Steer


Eamon Duffy, Clive Burgess: an Appreciation, xviii

Bibliography of the Published Works of Clive Burgess, xviii-xxi

Peter Fleming, Foreword, xxii-xxiv

David Harry, Introduction: The Church and City in Late Medieval England, 1-16

Magnus Williamson, Revisiting the Soundscape of the Medieval Parish, 17-35

Nigel Morgan, The Diocese of London, the Sarum Calendar in the 15th Century, and Urban Production of Sarum Books c.1400-1480, 36-61

T. A. Heslop, Size Matters: Norwich Churches and the Parishioners before the Reformation, 62-81

Anna Eavis, Urbs in rure: A Metropolitan Elite at Holy Trinity, Long Melford, Suffolk, 82-106

Robert A. Wood, London Rectors and their Parishes 1375-1490, 107-136

Gabriel Byng, Recreating a Parish Polity: the Masters and Stores of Chagford, 1480-1600, 137-156

Justin Colson, Late Medieval London Parish Administrators and the Cursus Honorum: Oligarchy or Community? 157-178

Martin Heale, Urban Guilds and the Religious Orders in Late Medieval England, 179-198

Nick Holder, Founding and Building Religious Houses in London and its Suburbs, 197-221

Elizabeth A. New, Speaking from the Art: A Reconsideration of Mendicant Seals in Medieval England, 222-237

Vincent Gillespie, The Permeable Cloister? Charterhouse, Contemplation and Urban Piety in Later Medieval England: The Case of London, 238-257

Julian Luxford, Sir Robert Rede and Religion, 258-276

James G. Clark, The Small-Town Friaries of Later Medieval England, 277-300

R. N. Swanson, Town and Gown, Nave and Chancel: Parochial Experience in Late Medieval Oxford, 301-331

Anne F. Sutton, The Bishop of Norwich and His ‘Ghostly Children’: Lynn in the Second Reign of Edward IV, 332-352

Caroline M. Barron, The People of the Parish: The Close of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Fifteenth-Century London, 353-379

Katherine L. French and Gary G. Gibbs, The Poor, the Pious and the Privileged: Towards and Social and Cultural Topography of Parish Participation in Late Medieval London, 380-396

David Lepine, Nunc Vermibus Eso: Bishop Fleming’s Tomb and Chapel in Lincoln Cathedral, 397-416

Julia Boffey, William Lichfield’s ‘Remorse of Conscience’: Contexts and Translation, 417-431

Amy Appleford, Singing Dirige: Lyric and Vernacular Liturgy in Fifteenth-Century England, 432-448

Christian Steer, ‘To syng and do dommeservyce’: The Chantry Chaplains of St Nicholas Shambles, 449-479

Index, 480-511