The Parish in Late Medieval England

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XIV (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2002 Harlaxton Symposium: The Parish in Late Medieval England, ed. Clive Burgess and Eamon Duffy



Clive Burgess, Time and Place: The Late Medieval English Parish in Perspective, 1–28

David Lepine, ‘And alle oure paresshens’: Secular Cathedrals and Parish Churches in Late Medieval England, 29–53

Martin Heale, Monastic-Parochial Churches in Late Medieval England, 54–77

Nicholas Orme, The Other Parish Churches: Chapels in Late Medieval England, 78–94

Beat Kümin, The Secular Legacy of the Late Medieval English Parish, 95–111

Elizabeth New, Signs of Community or Marks of the Exclusive? Parish and Guild Seals in Later Medieval England, 112–128

Ken Farnhill, The Guild of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Priory of St Mary in Walsingham, 129–145

Robert Swanson, Profits, Priests and People, 146–159

Susan Powell, The Festial: The Priest and His Parish, 160–176

Magnus Williamson, Liturgical Music in the Late Medieval English Parish: Organs and Voices, Ways and Means, 177–242

Nigel Saul, The Gentry and the Parish, 243–260

Nicholas Rogers, Hic Iacet …: The Location of Monuments in Late Medieval Parish Churches, 261–281

Judith Middleton-Stewart, Parish Activity in Late Medieval Fenland: Accounts and Wills from Tilney All Saints and St Mary’s, Mildenhall, 1443–1520, 282–301

Katherine French, Women Churchwardens in Late Medieval England, 302–321

Alexandra F. Johnston, Parish Playmaking before the Reformation, 322–338

Peregrine Horden, Small Beer? The Parish and the Poor and Sick in Late Medieval England, 339–364

Peter Marshall, Anticlericalism Revested? Expressions of Discontent in Early Tudor England, 365–380

Eamon Duffy, The End of it All: The Material Culture of the Medieval English Parish and the 1552 Inventories of Church Goods, 381–399

Index, 400-20