Medieval Travel

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXXII (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2021 Harlaxton Medieval Symposium: Medieval Travel
Edited by Caroline M. Barron and Martha Carlin


Alfred Hiatt, Maps and Travel, 1-17

David Harrison, The Roads of Medieval England, 18-40

Laura Wright, Vocabulary for Premises Used by Travellers in Chaucer’s London, 41-68

Carole Rawcliffe, Do Not Stop at Famagusta! Guides to Travel and Health in the Later Middle Ages, 69-88

Martha Carlin, Horses and the Rise of Inns in Medieval England, 89-108

Kate Franklin, From Marvels to Motels: Imagined and Infrastructural Worlds of Silk Road Travel, 109-124

Kelcey Wilson-Lee, Royal Travel, Childbirth and Female Bonding in the Reigns of Edward I and Edward II, 125-136

ffiona Perigrinor, Comings and Goings in the Rural Household of Alice de Bryene of Acton Hall, Suffolk, 1412-1413, 137-154

Bart Lambert and Joshua Ravenhill, Travelled Women: Female Alien Immigrants in Fifteenth- and Early-Sixteenth-Century London, 155-173

Nicholas Rogers, Visual Souvenirs of the Emperor Sigismund’s Visit to England in 1416, 174-187

Robert N. Swanson, Travel in Pre-Reformation English Church Court Records, 188-206

Alexandra F. Johnston, Travelling Entertainers and Their Patrons in the Fifteenth Century, 207-221

Joanna Mattingly, Travel as Duty: Some Tudor Churchwardens in the West Country, 222-232

Joel T. Rosenthal, Memories of Travel in Proofs of Age, 1377-1447, 233-249

Nicholas Orme, William Worcester: Traveller and Collector, 250-268

Julia Boffey, Travel in Richard Arnold’s Book: People, Places, Texts (Pamela Tudor-Craig Memorial Lecture), 269-285

Shayne Aaron Legassie, Botanical Marvels and Medieval Travel, 286-302

Martha W. Driver, Mandeville in the Twenty-First Century, 303-319

Mary Lynn Rampolla, Wonders of the East: Medieval Travellers and the Monstrous Races, 320-335