The Elite Household in England, 1100-1550

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXVIII (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2016 Harlaxton Symposium: The Elite Household in England, 1100-1550, edited by Christopher M. Woolgar


Christopher Woolgar, Foreword: The Elite Household, 1-4

Christopher Dyer, Households Great and Small: Aristocratic Styles of Life Across the Social Spectrum in England, 1200-1500, 5-28

Louise J. Wilkinson, The Great Household in Wartime: Eleanor de Montfort and Her Familia, 29-55

David Stocker, Stranger on the Shore: Gainsborough Old Hall – Yorkist ‘Merchant Chique’ in Lancastrian Lincolnshire? 56-74

James Ross, The Noble Household as a Political Centre in the Early Tudor Period, 75-92

Michael Johnston, The Household and Literacy Production in England, 1350-1500, 93-109

D. Vance Smith, The National Allegory of the Household: Domus and Lingua in John Gower’s Vox clamatis and Geoffrey Chaucer’s House of Fame, 110-128

Elliot Kendall, The Royal Household and New Government in Early Tudor Literature, 129-150

Nicholas Orme, Childhood and Youth in the Great Medieval Household, 151-166

Claire Weeda, Reviewing Conduct Books: Galenic Medicine, Hygiene and the ‘Civilising Process’ in Wester European Households, c.1100-1300, 167-184

Fiona Whelan, Administering the Household, 1180-1250: from Daniel of Beccles to Robert Grosseteste, 185-203

Roger Bowers, ‘Goode and Delitable Songe’: the Elite Promotion of Sacred Music in England by the Chapel Royal and Its Emulators, Noble and Episcopal, c.1315-1485, 204-236

Richard Rastall, The Minstrels of the Great Households in England, c.1300-1500, 237-257

Martin Heale, Abbots’ Households in Late Medieval England, 258-276

Jennifer Ward, The Great Household on the Move: Travel Among the Servants of Elizabeth de Burgh (d.1360), 277-294

Susan Powell, Lady Margaret Beaufort: a Progress Through Essex and East Anglia, 1498, 295-316

Caroline Dunn, ‘If There be Any Goodly Young Woman’: Experiences of Elite Female Servants in Great Households, 317-335

Martha Carlin, Catering for Great Households: Practical Matters, 336-354

David Green, The Household of Edward the Black Prince: Complement and Characteristics, 355-371

Eleanor R. Standley, Coneys, Coneygarths and Cunnies: the Rabbit and Great Households, c.1080-1600, 372-392

Anne Rudloff Stanton, What the Queen Saw: Imagery in the Household of Isabella of France, 393-411

Maria Hayward, Shaped by Their Father? The Households of Henry VIII’s Children, 1516-58, 412-431

Christopher Woolgar, Heirlooms and the Great Household, 432-455

Index, 456-496