Performance, Ceremony and Display in Late Medieval England

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXX (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2018 Harlaxton Symposium: Performance, Ceremony and Display in Late Medieval England, edited by Julia Boffey


Julia Boffey, Foreword: Performance, Ceremony and Display

Sarah Carpenter, Performing Chivalry: the Combat between Anthony Woodville, Lord Scale, and Antoine, the Bastard of Burgundy, 1467

Anne F. Sutton, ‘It Was a World to See Him Ride About’: The Visibility of the King 1461-85

Nigel Ramsay, The Law as Drama: Proceedings in the Medieval Court of Chivalry

Nicholas Orme, Display, Ceremony and Performance in English Schools, c. 1300-1530

Dean Rowland, ‘Oiez’ and the Voice of the Crier: Proclamations as Performative Utterances

Joyce Coleman, Chaucer the Page: A Winter’s Tale of Courtly Entertainment

Pamela M. King, The ‘Wakefield Master’ Revisited

Robert R. Edwards, John Lydgate and the Performance of Late-Medieval Courtly Culture

Diana Watt, ‘Such Fryvolous and Vayne Exercises’: The Anomalous Attitude of Hull City Councils to Visiting Players, c. 1400-1562

John Harper, The Regulation of Ritual at the First Cathedral in Salisbury

Nicole R. Rice, Design, Display and Devotional Performance at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

David A. Harrap, Sacred Rhetoric: Annotation in Insular Manuscripts of Imitatio Christi

Lisa Colton, Performance Piety: The Value of Post-Mortem Music and Liturgical Display in Fifteenth-Century London

Clive Burgess, ‘Having Long Desired to Establish a College’: Higham Ferrers, Henry Chichele and the Lancastrian Regime

Andrew Kirkman, Image, Music and Lived Reality in Fifteenth-Century Midlands Alabaster

M. T. W. Payne, The First Chantry Chapel of Lady Margaret Beaufort at Westminster Abbey

Ellie Pridgeon and Miriam Gill, Marking Time and Space: A Scheme of Wall Paintings at Raunds, Northamptonshire

Jaclyn Rajsic, Performing History in Royal Genealogical Rolls

Sonja Drimmer, A Political Poster in Late Medieval England: British Library, Harley MS 7353


Index of Manuscripts