Freedom of Movement

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XV (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2003 Harlaxton Symposium: Freedom of Movement in the Middle Ages, ed. Peregrine Horden



Peregrine Horden, Towards a History of Medieval Mobility

Cultural Migration

Christopher Page, Freedom of Movement and the Rise of European Music in the Early Middle Ages, 1-18

Jane Hawkes, Anglo-Saxon Romanitas: The Transmission and Use of Early Christian Art in Anglo-Saxon England, 19-36

Sophie Oosterwijk, Money, Morality, Mortality: The Migration of the Danse Macabre from Murals to Misericords, 37-56

Wendy Scase, ‘Let him be kept in most strait prison’: Lollards and the Epistola luciferi, 57-72

Long Journeys

Ian Wei, Scholars and Travel in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, 73-85

Peter Biller, Heretics and Long Journeys, 86-103

David Lepine, ‘Loose Canons’: The Mobility of the Higher Clergy in the Later Middle Ages, 104-22


R. N. Swanson, Tales to Tug at Purse-Strings: Publicizing Indulgences in Pre-Reformation England, 123-36

James Davis, ‘Men as march with fote packes’: Pedlars and Freedom of Movement in Late Medieval England, 137-156


Christopher Baswell, Albyne Sails for Albion: Gender, Motion, and Foundation in the English Imperial Imagination, 157-168

Richard Smith, Moving to Marry among the Customary tenants of Late Thirteenth- and Early Fourteenth-century England, 169-85

Caroline M. Barron, The Travelling Saint: Zita of Lucca and England, 186-202


Jennifer Neville, ‘None shall pass’: Mental Barriers to Travel in Old English Poetry, 203-14

Paul Brand, The Travails of Travel: The Difficulties of Getting to Court in Later Medieval England, 215-28

Carole Rawcliffe, Isolating the Medieval Leper: Ideas – and Misconceptions – about Segregation in the Middle Ages, 229-48


Dave Postles, Movers and Prayers: The Medieval English Church and Movement of People, 249-66

Nicholas Orme, Access and Exclusion: Exeter Cathedral, 1300-1540, 267-86

Jessica Freeman, ‘And He Abjured the Realm of England, Never to Return’, 287-304

Image and Metaphor

M. A. Michael, Towards a Hermeneutics of the Manuscript: the Physical and Metaphysical Journeys of Paris, BNF, MS Fr 571, 305-17

Christa Grössinger, The Road to Hell, 318-30

Ad Putter, Moving Towards God: The Possibilities and Limitations of Metaphorical Journeys in Hilton’s Scale of Perfection, 331-45

Index, 346-66