Language in Medieval Britain: Networks and Exchanges

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXV (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2013 Harlaxton Symposium: Language in Medieval Britain: Networks and Exchanges, edited by Mary Carruthers



Mary Carruthers, Introduction: Networks and Exchanges, 1-6

Alexandrina Buchanan, “Vestiges of conversations”? The Medieval Building Agreement and Architectural Language, 7-32

Christopher. M. Woolgar, The Language of Food and Cooking, 33-47

Paul Brand, The Languages of the Courtoom in England, c. 1300, 48-58

Elizabeth A. New, Text and Image: the Language of Seals in Medieval England and Wales, 59-73

Peter Murray Jones, Language and Register in English Medieval Surgery, 74-89

Linda Ehrsam Voigts, Rhetorical and Random Language Mixing in a Fifteenth Century Medical Manuscript (BL MS Harley 2390), 90-103

Jessica Brantley, Language-Mixing in English Books of Hours, 104-116

Lucy Freeman Sandler, Word-Images in the British Library Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun, 117-126

Helen Deeming, Multilingual Networks in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Song, 127-143

Marc Lewon, In German, in Latin and in French: An Annotated Account of a Harlaxton Concert Performance by “Ensemble Leones”, 144-151

Nicholas Orme, Schools and Languages in Medieval England, 152-167

Aisling Byrne, Language Networks, Literary Translation, and the Friars in Late Medieval Ireland, 168-180

Neil Cartlidge, Cultures in Confrontation in BL MS Harley 978, 181-200

Ad Putter, Anglo-French Letters and the Private Correspondence of an Abbot to his Mistress, 201-213

Alastair Minnis, Discourse beyond death: The language of Heaven in the Middle English Pearl, 214-228

Roger Dahood, Alleged Jewish Cannibalism in the Thirteenth‑century Anglo‑Norman “Hugo de Lincolnia”, with Notice of the Allegation in Twelfth‑century England, 229-239

Christian Steer, The Language of Commemoration, 240-251