London and the Kingdom

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XVI (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2004 Harlaxton Symposium: London and the Kingdom: Essays in Honour of Caroline M. Barron, ed. Matthew Davies and Andrew Prescott


Producers and Consumers: City, Abbey and Court

Vanessa Harding, Caroline Barron and the Study of Medieval London, 1-11

Barbara Harvey, Westminster Abbey and Londoners, 1440-1540, 12-37

Ian W. Archer, Conspicuous Consumption Revisited: City and Court in the Reign of Elizabeth I, 37-57

Martha Carlin, Putting Dinner on the Table in Medieval London, 58-77

Religious Life

Carole Rawcliffe, Christ the Physician Walks the Wards: Celestial Therapeutics in the Medieval Hospital, 78-97

Clive Burgess, London, the Church and the Kingdom, 98-117

Gervase Rosser, Party List: Making Friends in English Medieval Guilds, 118-34

Mary Erler, Religious Women after the Dissolution: Continuing Community, 135-45

Merchants, Trades and Learning

Hannes Kleineke, The Schoolboy’s Tale: A Fifteenth-Century Voice from St. Paul’s School’, 146-59

Anne F. Sutton, The Women of the Mercery: Wives, Widows and Maidens, 160-78

Stephanie R. Hovland, Girls as Apprentices in Later Medieval London, 179-94

John R. Oldland, The Wealth of Early Tudor Craftsmen in London based on the Lay Subsidies, 195-211

Art, Commemoration and the City

Jenny Stratford, Richard II’s Treasure and London, 212-29

Christian Steer, Commemoration and Women in Medieval London, 230-45

Elizabeth New, Representation and Identity in Medieval London: the Evidence of Seals, 246-58

Jessica Freeman, Simon Seman, Citizen and Vintner of London, 259-64

Nigel Saul, The Medieval Monuments of St. Mary’s, Barton on Humber, 265-71

Lawyers and the Law in London

Derek Keene, Out of the Inferno: an Italian Lawyer in the Service of Odovardo re de Anglia and his London Connections, 272-92

Stephen O’Connor, A Nest of Smugglers? Customs Evasion in London at the Outbreak of the Hundred Years’ War, 293-304

Penny Tucker, London and “The Making of the Common Law, 305-15

London, Literature and the Kingdom

Stephen H. Rigby, Ideology and Utopia: Prudence and Magnificence, Kingship and Tyranny in Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale, 316-34

Paul Strohm, Interpreting a Chronicle Tex: Henry VI’s Blue Gown, 335-45


Mary-Rose McLaren, Reading, Writing and Recording. Literacy and the London Chronicles in the Fifteenth Century, 346-65

Laura Wright, The Playground Language of London Schoolchildren: Southern Voicing Revisited, 366-83

Sheila Lindenbaum, Literate Londoners and Liturgical Change: Sarum Books in City Parishes after 1414, 384-99


Heather Creaton, A Bibliography of the Published Writings of Caroline M. Barron, 400-04

Index, 405-36