Patrons and Professionals

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXII (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2010 Harlaxton Symposium: Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages, edited by Paul Binski and Elizabeth A. New



Paul Binski and Elizabeth A. New, Introduction: Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages, 1-4

Nicholas Vincent, “Let Us Go Down from this Joyful Commencement to the Plain”: Richard Poer and the Refoundation of Salisbury Cathedral, 5-40

Paul Brand, The Development of Professional Lawyers and a Legal Profession in the English Lay Courts: the Relationship between the Earliest Professional Lawyers and their Clients, 41-60

Philippa Hoskin, Authors of Bureaucracy: Developing and Creating Administrative Systems in English episcopal Chanceries in the Second Half of the Thirteenth Century, 61-78

Claire Gobbi Daunton, The Profession of Priest, 79-99

Susan Powell, Lady Margaret Beaufort as Patron of Scholars and Scholarship, 100-121

Sam Barrett, The Sponsorship of Early Medieval Latin Song: The Musical Evidence of Two Carolingian Poetic Collections, 122-140

Claudia Bolgia, Mosaics and Gilded Glass in Franciscan Hands: ‘Professional’ Friars in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Italy, 141-166

Michael T. Davies, Guidelines and Bishop’s Gardens, a Mason’s Drawings, an the Construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Clermont, 167-181

Martine Meuwese, The Count and the Codex: Morals and Miniatures in a Middle Dutch Manuscript, 182-199

Régine Page, The Patronage of Mahaut d’Artois and Three Fourteenth-Century Altarpieces, 199-215

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak, Image as Patron: Convention and Invention in Fourteenth-Century France, 216-236

Julian M. Luxford, “Nichil ornatus in domo domini pretermittens”: the Professinal Patronage of Walter of Monington, Abbot of Glastonbury, 237-260

Jessica Berenbeim, Personal and Institutional Patronage in the Sherborne Missal, 261-272

David Lepine, “Begun by Me”: the Artistic Patronage of the Late Medieval Higher Clergy, 273-291

David Griffith, The Seven Works of Mercy in the Parish Church: the Development of a Vernacular Tradition, 292-315

Nigel Saul, Patronage and Design in the Construction of English Medieval Tomb Monuments, 316-332

T.A. Heslop, The Alabaster Tomb at Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk: the Workmanship, Cost and Location, 333-346

David King, Glass-Painting in Late-Medieval Norwich: Continuity and Patronage in the John Wighton Workshop, 347-365

Richard Marks, A Will Casts Light: Robert Hunt and the West Window of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, 366-385

Lucy Wrapson, East Anglian Rood Screens: the Practicalities of Production, 386-404

Index, 405-430