Patrons and Professionals

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Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXII (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2010 Harlaxton Symposium, Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages, edited by Paul Binski and Elizabeth A. New



Paul Binski and Elizabeth A. New, Introduction: Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages, 1-4

Nicholas Vincent, “Let Us Go Down from this Joyful Commencement to the Plain”: Richard Poer and the Refoundation of Salisbury Cathedral, 5-40

Paul Brand, The Development of Professional Lawyers and a Legal Profession in the English Lay Courts: the Relationship between the Earliest Professional Lawyers and their Clients, 41-60

Philippa Hoskin, Authors of Bureaucracy: Developing and Creating Administrative Systems in English episcopal Chanceries in the Second Half of the Thirteenth Century, 61-78

Claire Gobbi Daunton, The Profession of Priest, 79-99

Susan Powell, Lady Margaret Beaufort as Patron of Scholars and Scholarship, 100-121

Sam Barrett, The Sponsorship of Early Medieval Latin Song: The Musical Evidence of Two Carolingian Poetic Collections, 122-140

Claudia Bolgia, Mosaics and Gilded Glass in Franciscan Hands: ‘Professional’ Friars in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Italy, 141-166

Michael T. Davies, Guidelines and Bishop’s Gardens, a Mason’s Drawings, an the Construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Clermont, 167-181

Martine Meuwese, The Count and the Codex: Morals and Miniatures in a Middle Dutch Manuscript, 182-199

Régine Page, The Patronage of Mahaut d’Artois and Three Fourteenth-Century Altarpieces, 199-215

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak, Image as Patron: Convention and Invention in Fourteenth-Century France, 216-236

Julian M. Luxford, “Nichil ornatus in domo domini pretermittens”: the Professinal Patronage of Walter of Monington, Abbot of Glastonbury, 237-260

Jessica Berenbeim, Personal and Institutional Patronage in the Sherborne Missal, 261-272

David Lepine, “Begun by Me”: the Artistic Patronage of the Late Medieval Higher Clergy, 273-291

David Griffith, The Seven Works of Mercy in the Parish Church: the Development of a Vernacular Tradition, 292-315

Nigel Saul, Patronage and Design in the Construction of English Medieval Tomb Monuments, 316-332

T.A. Heslop, The Alabaster Tomb at Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk: the Workmanship, Cost and Location, 333-346

David King, Glass-Painting in Late-Medieval Norwich: Continuity and Patronage in the John Wighton Workshop, 347-365

Richard Marks, A Will Casts Light: Robert Hunt and the West Window of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, 366-385

Lucy Wrapson, East Anglian Rood Screens: the Practicalities of Production, 386-404

Index, 405-430