The Yorkist Age

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXIII (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2011 Harlaxton Symposium: The Yorkist Age, edited by Hannes Kleineke and Christian Steer



Michael Hicks, The Yorkist Age? 1-17

Jennifer Scott, Painting from life? Comments on the Date and Function of the Early Portraits of Elizabeth Woodville and Elizabeth of York in the Royal Collection, 18-26

J.L. Laynesmith, The Piety of Cecily, Duchess of York: A Reputation Reconsidered, 27-43

Charles Farris, The New Edwardians? Royal Piety in the Yorkist Age, 44-63

Maria Hayward, Clothed by the Tudors: Yorkist prisoners in the Tower 1485–1547, 64-80

S.J. Payling, Edward IV and the Politics of Conciliation in the Early 1460s, 81-94

James Ross, A Governing Elite? The Higher Nobility in the Yorkist and Early Tudor Period, 95-115

Anne F. Sutton, ‘Peace, love and unity’: Richard III’s Charters to His Towns, 116-141

Nigel Ramsay, Richard III and the Office of Arms, 142-163

Oliver Hounslow, Scattered Skeletons – An Introduction to the Bioarchaeology of Towton, 164-174

Sean Cunningham, The Yorkists at War: Military leadership in the English war with Scotland 1480–82, 175-194

Jelle Haemers and Frederik Buylaert, War, Politics, and Diplomacy in England, France and the Low Countries, 1475–1500. An Entangled History, 195-220

Derek Pearsall, Was there a Yorkist Literature? 221-236

Meg Twycross, Organising theatricals in York between 1461 and 1478: seventeen years of change, 237-255

†Lister M. Matheson, National and Civic Chronicles in Late Fifteenth-Century London, 256-274

M.T.W. Payne, Robert Fabyan’s Civic Identity, 275-286

Livia Visser-Fuchs and Carol M. Meale, The Meeting of the Duke and the Emperor: The English Survival of a Lost Text by Olivier de La Marche, 287-346

Clive Burgess, Fotheringhay Church: Conceiving a College and its Community, 347-366

Nigel Saul, Fotheringhay Church, Northamptonshire: Architecture and Fittings, 367-379

David Harry, Learning to Die in Yorkist England: Earl Rivers’ Cordyal, 380-398

Alexandra Buckle, ‘Entumbid Right Princely’: The re-interment of Richard Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, and a lost rite, 399-415

Bibliography, 416-449

Index, 450-484

Index of Manuscripts, 485-488