Recording Medieval Lives

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XVII (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2005 Harlaxton Symposium: Recording Medieval Lives, edited by Julia Boffey and Virginia Davis



Rethinking Medieval People

Henry Summerson, Rethinking Medieval People: the Experience of the DNB, 1-13

Collective Biography and Evidence

Janet Burton, Documenting the Lives of Medieval Nuns, 14-24

David Lepine, “The Noiseless Tenor of Their Way”? The Lives of the Late Medieval Higher Clergy, 25-41

Anne F. Sutton, Fifteenth-Century Mercers and the Written Word: Mercers and their Scribes and Scriveners, 42-58

History, Biography and Autobiography

Mishtooni Bose, Thomas Gascoigne’s Biographies, 59-73

A.S.G. Edwards, Recording a Dynasty: Verse Chronicles of the House of Percy, 74-84

Christopher Fletcher, Charles VI and Richard II: Inconstant Youths, 85-101

William Marx, Latin Chronicles and Medieval Lives in the Middle English Prose Brut, 102-11

Susan Powell, John to John: The Manuale Sacerdotis and the Daily Life of a Parish Priest, 112-29

Pamela  Robinson, The Manuscript of The Book of Margery Kempe, 130-40


Caroline M. Barron, The Will as Autobiography: the Case of Thomas Salter, Priest, Died November 1558, 141-81

Pamela M. King, Memorials of Ralph Woodford (d.1498), Ashby Folville, Leicestershire: the Death of the Author, 182-88

Carol M. Meale, The World and the Soul: the Will of Lady Isabel Morley (d. 1467), 189-203

Visual and Material Evidence

David J. King, Anne Harling Reconsidered, 204-22

Richard A. Linenthal, Ordinary Lives: Medieval Personal Seal Matrices, 223-32

Nicholas J. Rogers, The Biographical Brass, 233-42

Pamela Tudor-Craig, The Image of the Writer in Medieval English Manuscripts, 243-56

Livia Viser-Fuchs, Richard of York: Books and the Man, 257-72

Into the Future

Shaun Tyas, ‘Historical Novels and Medieval Lives, 273-99

Index, 300-24