Ritual and Space in the Middle Ages

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXI (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2009 Harlaxton Symposium: Ritual and Space in the Middle Ages, edited by Frances Andrews



Frances Andrews, Ritual and Space: Definitions and Ways Forward, 1-29

Sible de Blaauw, The Church Atrium as a Ritual Space: the Cathedral of Tyre and St Peter’s in Rome, 30-43

Andrew Jotischky, Holy Fire and Holy Sepulchre: Ritual and Space in Jerusalem from the Ninth to the Fourteenth Centuries, 44-60

Lucy-Anne Hunt, Marking Presence: Art, Ritual and Pilgrimage in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Crusader Period, 61-70

Rob Meens, Violence at the Altar: the Sacred Space around the Grave of St Martin of Tours and the Practice of Sanctuary in the Early Middle Ages, 71-89

Donal Cooper, Access all Areas? Spatial Divides in the Mendicant Churches of Late Medieval Tuscany, 90-107

Jill Caskey, The Look of Liturgy: Identity and ars sacra in Southern Italy, 108-129

Uri Smilansky, A Labyrinth of Space: Page, Performance and Music in Late Medieval French Culture, 130-147

Helen Carrel, The Rituals of Town-Crown Relations in post-Black-Death England, 148-164

Hannes Kleineke, Civic Ritual, Space and Conflict in Fifteenth Century Exeter, 165-178

David Ditchburn, Rituals, Space and the Marriage of James II and Mary Guelders, 1449, 179-196

James Stokes, Staging Wonders: Ritual and Space in Drama and Ceremony of Lincoln Cathedral and its Environs, 197-212

John McKinnell, For the People/By the People. Public and Private Spaces in the Durham Sequence of the Sacrament, 213-231

Catherine Lawless, Representation, Religion, Gender and Space in Medieval Florence, 232-258

Julian M. Luxford, The Space of the Tomb in Carthusian Consciousness, 259-281

Philip Morgan, The Medieval Battlefield War Memorial, 282-297

Nicholas Rogers, The Location and Iconography of Confession in Late Medieval Europe, 298-307

Maurizio Campanelli, Ritual and Space in the Mirror of Texts: the Case of Late Medieval and Humanist Rome, 308-338

Index, 339-370