Saints and Cults in Medieval England

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXVII (New Series)
Proceedings of the 2015 Harlaxton Symposium: Saints and Cults in Medieval England, edited by Susan Powell


Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood: Foreword: English Saints, 1-4

Nigel Morgan, The Sarum Calendar in England in the Fourteenth Century, 5-23

David Lepine, ‘Advocatis meis’: Patterns of Devotion to Saints among the Late Medieval Higher Clergy, 24-40

R. N. Swanson, Intercessory Indulgence: Integrating Pardons with the Cults of Saints in Late Medieval England, 41-57

Julian Luxford, The Nature and Purpose of Medieval Relic-Lists, 58-79

David Starkey, A Royal Saint at Work: Henry VI, Henry VII and the Tudor Transformation of Cambridge, 80-100

Linda Ehrsam Voigts, Plague Saints, Henry VII, and Saint Armel, 101-123

David Harry, Marriage and Martyrdom: The Death of John Fisher Reconsidered, 124-139

Roger Dahood, Boy Crucifixion, Sainthood and the Puzzling Case of Harold of Gloucester, 140-155

Vincent Gillespie, The Nearly Man: ‘Saint’ Richard Rolle and His Textual Cult, 156-171

Christian Steer, The Order of Saint Francis in Medieval London: Urban Benefactors and Their Tombs, 172-198

Nicholas Orme, William Worcester and Saint-Collecting in Medieval England, 199-216

Christopher Wilson, The Shrine of Saint Erkenwald on Paper and in Reality, 217-236

John Crook, The Final Flourish: Shrines of English Saints in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries, 237-248

Jennifer S. Alexander, Guthlac and Company: Saints, Apostles and Benefactors on the West Front of Croyland Abbey Church, 249-264

Helen E. Lunnon, Inventing Saint Stephen: Art and Dispute in England in the Early Fourteenth Century, 265-281

Claire Gobbi Daunton, At the Edges and on the Ledges: Spaces for Saints and Sinners in Medieval West Norfolk, 282-298

Sarah Brown, Archbishop Richard Scrope’s Lost Window in York Minster, 299-317

Nicholas Rogers, A Pattern for Princes: The Royal Window at the Greenwich Greyfriars, 318-338

John Scattergood, Saint Erkenwald and its Literary Relations, 339-362

Simon Horobin, Osbern Bokenham’s Book of ‘Legenda aurea and of oþer famous legendes’, 363-380

Elisabeth Dutton and Tamara Haddad, The Historie van Jan van Beverley: Precedents for the Sensational Story of Rape, Murder and a Hairy Hermit, 381-398

Index, 399-424

Manuscript Index, 425-428