Signs and Symbols

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XVIII (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2006 Harlaxton Symposium: Signs and Symbols, edited by John Cherry and Ann Payne


Mary Carruthers, “Thinking in Images”: the Spatial and Visual Requirements of Cognition and Recollection in Medieval Psychology, 1-17

Adrian Ailes, Powerful Impressions: Symbols of Office and Authority on Secular Seals, 18-28

Elizabeth Danbury, Security and Safeguard: Signs and Symbols on Boxes and Chests, 29-41

P.D.A. Harvey, Colour in Medieval Maps, 42-52

Nigel Morgan, The Monograms, Arms and Badges of the Virgin Mary in Late Medieval England, 53-63

Nicholas J. Rogers, Dieu y voye: Some Late Medieval and Early Modern Instances of Divine Vision, 64-72

Elizabeth New, Symbols of Devotion and Identity in The Shaftesbury Hours (Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, MS 2-1957), 73-84

Phillipa Hardman, Sign Language: Seeing Things in Middle English Poems, 85-99

Andrew Prescott, Inventing Symbols and Traditions: The Case of the Stonemasons, 100-118

Julian M. Luxford, Symbolism in East Anglian Flushwork, 119-132

Pamela Tudor-Craig, Effigies with Attitude, 133-42

John Cherry, La Chantepleure: a Symbol of Mourning, 143-49

Alison Stones, Signs and Symbols in the Estoire del saint Graal and the Queste del saint Graal, 150-67

Lucy Freeman Sandler, Gone Fishing: Angling in the Fitzwilliam Bohun Psalter, 168-79

Christa Grössinger, Questioning Signs and Symbols: Their Meaning and Interpretation, 180-91

The Published Writings of Janet Backhouse (1938-2004), 192-204

Index, 205-23