The Friars in Medieval Britain

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XIX (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2007 Harlaxton Symposium: The Friars in Medieval Britain, edited by Nicholas Rogers



Preachers and Theologians

Michael F. Robson, OFM, The Franciscan Custody of York in the Thirteenth Century, 1-24

William H. Campbell, Franciscan Preaching in Thirteenth-Century England: Sources, Problems, Possibilities, 25-40

Maura O’Carroll, SND, Mid-Thirteenth-Century English Dominican Preaching and Catechesis: Bodleian MS Laud. Misc. 511 and Other Sermons and Pastoral Texts, 41-72


Clive Burgess, Friars and the Parish in Late Medieval Bristol: Observations and Possibilities, 73-96

Joan Greatrex, Monks and Mendicants in English Cathedral Cities: Signs of a Mutual Benefit Society, 97-106

Jens Röhrkasten, Friars and the Laity in the Franciscan Custody of Cambridge, 107-24

Barry Windeatt, Margery Kempe and the Friars, 125-41

Texts and Writers

James G. Clark, The Friars and the Classics in Late Medieval England, 142-51

Linda E. Voigts, The Medical Astrology of Ralph Hoby, a Fifteenth-Century Franciscan, 152-68

Art and Iconography

David J. King, Mendicant Glass in East Anglia, 169-84

Nicholas J. Rogers, The Provenance of the Thornham Parva Retable, 185-93

Donald S. Prudlo, The Cult of St Peter of Verona in the British Isles, 194-207

The Image of the Friar

Henry Summerson, A “nest of freres”: the Mendicants, Their Friends and Enemies in the Oxford DNB, 208-17

Ralph Hanna and Sarah Wood, Mendicants and the Economies of Piers Plowman, 218-37

Wendy Scase, Antifraternal Traditions in Reformation Pamphlets, 238-64

Local Studies

Bruce Watson and Chris Thomas, The Mendicant Houses of Medieval London: An Archaeological and Architectural Review, 265-97

G. M. Draper, Failing Friars? The Mendicants in the Cinque Ports, 298-318

Anna A. Anisimova, Mendicants in the Monastic Towns of South-Eastern England, 319-30

Hubert Pragnell, New Uses for Old Friaries: the Greyfriars and Blackfriars in Canterbury, 331-39

Index, 340-72