The Friars in Medieval Britain

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Harlaxton Medieval Studies XIX (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2007 Harlaxton Symposium, The Friars in Medieval Britain, edited by Nicholas Rogers



Preachers and Theologians

Michael F. Robson, OFM, The Franciscan Custody of York in the Thirteenth Century, 1-24

William H. Campbell, Franciscan Preaching in Thirteenth-Century England: Sources, Problems, Possibilities, 25-40

Maura O’Carroll, SND, Mid-Thirteenth-Century English Dominican Preaching and Catechesis: Bodleian MS Laud. Misc. 511 and Other Sermons and Pastoral Texts, 41-72


Clive Burgess, Friars and the Parish in Late Medieval Bristol: Observations and Possibilities, 73-96

Joan Greatrex, Monks and Mendicants in English Cathedral Cities: Signs of a Mutual Benefit Society, 97-106

Jens Röhrkasten, Friars and the Laity in the Franciscan Custody of Cambridge, 107-24

Barry Windeatt, Margery Kempe and the Friars, 125-41

Texts and Writers

James G. Clark, The Friars and the Classics in Late Medieval England, 142-51

Linda E. Voigts, The Medical Astrology of Ralph Hoby, a Fifteenth-Century Franciscan, 152-68

Art and Iconography

David J. King, Mendicant Glass in East Anglia, 169-84

Nicholas J. Rogers, The Provenance of the Thornham Parva Retable, 185-93

Donald S. Prudlo, The Cult of St Peter of Verona in the British Isles, 194-207

The Image of the Friar

Henry Summerson, A “nest of freres”: the Mendicants, Their Friends and Enemies in the Oxford DNB, 208-17

Ralph Hanna and Sarah Wood, Mendicants and the Economies of Piers Plowman, 218-37

Wendy Scase, Antifraternal Traditions in Reformation Pamphlets, 238-64

Local Studies

Bruce Watson and Chris Thomas, The Mendicant Houses of Medieval London: An Archaeological and Architectural Review, 265-97

G. M. Draper, Failing Friars? The Mendicants in the Cinque Ports, 298-318

Anna A. Anisimova, Mendicants in the Monastic Towns of South-Eastern England, 319-30

Hubert Pragnell, New Uses for Old Friaries: the Greyfriars and Blackfriars in Canterbury, 331-39

Index, 340-72