The Lancastrian Court

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XIII (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2001 Harlaxton Symposium: The Lancastrian Court, edited by Jenny Stratford



G. L. Harriss, The Court of the Lancastrian Kings, 1–18

John Cherry, Some Lancastrian Seals, 19–28

Anne Curry, The ‘Coronation Expedition’ and Henry VI’s Court in France, 1430 to 1432, 29–52

Barrie Dobson, Henry VI and the University of Cambridge, 53–67

A. S. G. Edwards, Duke Humfrey’s Middle English Palladius Manuscript, 68–77

Alfred Hiatt, Beyond a Border: The Maps of Scotland in John Hardyng’s Chronicle, 78–94

Margaret L. Kekewich, The Lancastrian Court in Exile, 95–110

Richard Marks, Images of Henry VI, 111–124

Lisa Monnas, Textiles from the Funerary Achievement of Henry V, 125–146

Nigel Morgan, An SS Collar in the Devotional Context of the Shield of the Five Wounds, 147–162

Derek Pearsall, Crowned King: War and Peace in 1415, 163–172

Nicholas Perkins, Representing Advice in Lydgate, 173–191

Carole Rawcliffe, Master Surgeons at the Lancastrian Court, 192–210

Nicholas Rogers, Henry VI and the Proposed Canonisation of King Alfred, 211–220

Lucy Freeman Sandler, Lancastrian Heraldry in the Bohun Manuscripts, 221–232

Linda Ehrsam Voigts, The Master of the King’s Stillatories, 233–252

John Watts, Was there a Lancastrian Court?, 253–271