The Medieval Merchant

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXIV (New Series) Proceedings of the 2012 Harlaxton Symposium, The Medieval Merchant, edited by Caroline M. Barron and Anne F. Sutton




Wendy Childs, ‘A Paradise hit is to behold.’: Opportunities for Profit in Spain and Portugal in the Later Middle Ages, 1-19

Justin Colson, London’s Forgotten Company? Fishmongers, their Trade and their Networks in Later Medieval London, 20-40

Jessica Lutkin, Goldsmiths: London versus Provincial, 41-54

John Oldland, The Expansion of London’s Overseas Trade 1475-1520, 55-92

Alan Rogers, Contrasting Careers: William Browne of Stamford and ocial Mobility in the Later Fifteenth Century, 93-110

Carole Hill, Merchants’ Wives and Widows: Networking in Norwich, 111-126

David Stocker, Wool, Cloth and Politics 1430-1485: the Merchant Stockers of Wyboston and London, 127-145

Henry Summerson, Calamity and Commerce: the Burning of Boston Fair in 1288, 146-165

Susanne Jenks, Justice for Strangers: the Experience of Alien Merchants in Medieval English Law Courts, 166-182

Clive Burgess, Making Mammon Serve God: Merchant Piety in Later Medieval England, 183-207

Nicholas Rogers, Trading Saints: Cults associated with Mercantile Activity, 208-220

Sally Badham, Merchant Involvement in Religious Guilds, 221-241

Jennifer Ward, Merchant Families and Religion in Later Medieval Colchester, 242-258

Anne F. Sutton, William Caxton, King’s Printer c.1480-85: A Plea for History and Chronology in a Merchant’s Career, 259-283

Julia Boffey, Robert Fabyan: A Merchant, Reader and Translator, 284-298

Christopher Nicholson, ‘Mercator dicit…’: the Relationship between the Merchant and his Assistant in the Old Czech Unquentarius, 299-309

Meg Twycross and Elisabeth Dutton, Lydgate’s Mumming for the Mercers of London, 310-349

John McEwan, Occupation and Identity in Medieval London, 350-363

Charlotte Bolland, London Lives: Portraits of an Italian Merchant Elite, 364-377

Jane Bridgeman, ‘A Merchant…in mottele’: the Dress of some Medieval and Early Modern Merchants Trading in Italy and Flanders, 378-391

Paul Cockerham, Hanseatic Merchant Memorials: Individual Monuments or Collective ‘Memoria’?, 392-414

Index, 414-457