The Medieval Merchant

Harlaxton Medieval Studies XXIV (New Series)

Proceedings of the 2012 Harlaxton Symposium: The Medieval Merchant, edited by Caroline M. Barron and Anne F. Sutton



Wendy Childs, ‘A Paradise hit is to behold.’: Opportunities for Profit in Spain and Portugal in the Later Middle Ages, 1-19

Justin Colson, London’s Forgotten Company? Fishmongers, their Trade and their Networks in Later Medieval London, 20-40

Jessica Lutkin, Goldsmiths: London versus Provincial, 41-54

John Oldland, The Expansion of London’s Overseas Trade 1475-1520, 55-92

Alan Rogers, Contrasting Careers: William Browne of Stamford and ocial Mobility in the Later Fifteenth Century, 93-110

Carole Hill, Merchants’ Wives and Widows: Networking in Norwich, 111-126

David Stocker, Wool, Cloth and Politics 1430-1485: the Merchant Stockers of Wyboston and London, 127-145

Henry Summerson, Calamity and Commerce: the Burning of Boston Fair in 1288, 146-165

Susanne Jenks, Justice for Strangers: the Experience of Alien Merchants in Medieval English Law Courts, 166-182

Clive Burgess, Making Mammon Serve God: Merchant Piety in Later Medieval England, 183-207

Nicholas Rogers, Trading Saints: Cults associated with Mercantile Activity, 208-220

Sally Badham, Merchant Involvement in Religious Guilds, 221-241

Jennifer Ward, Merchant Families and Religion in Later Medieval Colchester, 242-258

Anne F. Sutton, William Caxton, King’s Printer c.1480-85: A Plea for History and Chronology in a Merchant’s Career, 259-283

Julia Boffey, Robert Fabyan: A Merchant, Reader and Translator, 284-298

Christopher Nicholson, ‘Mercator dicit…’: the Relationship between the Merchant and his Assistant in the Old Czech Unquentarius, 299-309

Meg Twycross and Elisabeth Dutton, Lydgate’s Mumming for the Mercers of London, 310-349

John McEwan, Occupation and Identity in Medieval London, 350-363

Charlotte Bolland, London Lives: Portraits of an Italian Merchant Elite, 364-377

Jane Bridgeman, ‘A Merchant…in mottele’: the Dress of some Medieval and Early Modern Merchants Trading in Italy and Flanders, 378-391

Paul Cockerham, Hanseatic Merchant Memorials: Individual Monuments or Collective ‘Memoria’?, 392-414

Index, 414-457